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Heather R. Wright M.A.
Certified Rolfer

With an interest in human origins, culture and anatomy that began in childhood, I started my studies in Anthropology at Kansas State University while still in high school.  I studied biology, physical and cultural anthropology at the University of Kansas, receiving my BA in Anthropology in 1990.  While working for over 15 years as a professional archaeologist, I received my MA in American Studies at the University of Wyoming in 2002. 

A medical odyssey spanning over a decade involving tick fever and fibromyalgia eventually led me to discover Rolfing.  Rolfing worked for me.  In addition to reducing my debilitating symptoms, I feel Rolfing allowed me to avoid major surgery for a spinal injury from a career-ending auto accident. The permanent pain relief and personal transformation I experienced as a Rolfing client led me to choose Rolfing as a second career.

I have been a client of several Somatic Experiencing Practitioners, and was a client of Dr. Bob Scaer's chronic pain and fibromyalgia program at the Mapleton Pain Center in Boulder. Somatic Experiencing helped me to recover deeply from the chronic pain and nervous system dysregulation caused by trauma.

I received my certification from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder in 2007.  I have continued my Rolf trainings and practice Advanced Rolfer Bob Schrei's Source Point Therapy.  Currently, I am training at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, founded by Dr. Peter Levine, Ph.D.  Since 2001, I have studied Vajrayana Buddhist meditation with one of Chog
yam Trungpa Rinpoche’s senior students, Dr. Reggie Ray, and am authorized by him to offer his somatic meditation practices from his Meditating with the Body curriculum. 

I feel that my Rolfing practice is a natural extension of the profound teachings and personal healing I have been fortunate to receive.  It is my mission statement at Compassionate Rolfing to integrate and bring these healing modalities to my clients.

"Heather Wright has incredible knowledge of the body, and is especially effective at returning the body to health and stability after traumatic experiences, such as car accidents, emotional trauma or abuse, and injuries." 

                                -Cassie Nevitt, BA. Certified Pilates Instructor and client.

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